German film star Til Schweiger is revealed ZFF

German film star Til Schweiger is revealed ZFF
Wrote, directed, produced and starred in SCHUTZENGEL

Zurich 13, September 2012

German movie star at the Zurich Film Festival: The actor, writer, director and producer Til Schweiger delivered on Tuesday in Zurich his new film SCHUTZENGEL ago (corso 1, 21.15 clock) (25.9.). Two days later, runs the emotional action thriller in theaters.

Born in 1963 in Freiburg Til Schweiger has been nearly 20 years one of the most popular German film and television actor. For 15 years, he has, as successful, also director writes his own screenplays and produced his own films. With a total of over 50 million viewers cinema Schweiger is the most successful German film actor.



Schweiger's career began in 1990 with the television series LINDENSTRASSE. His first movie role he had produced in 1991 in the comedy Manta, Manta, by Bernd Eichinger. Schweiger managed his breakthrough in 1994 with the comedy THE MAN IN MOTION by Sönke Wortmann after the comic by Ralf König. 1996 with MÄNNERPENSION by Detlev Buck was followed by another ratings success.

In the same year Schweiger founded the production company Mr. Brown Entertainment and landed with the road movie KNOCKIN 'ON HEAVEN'S DOOR, which he also wrote the screenplay, a smash. The film was in 1997, with over three million visitors, the most successful German film of the year

Thus began Schweiger international career. 2001, for example, he played alongside Neve Campbell and Nick Nolte starred in the comedy INVESTIGATING SEX. 2003 saw him with Angelina Jolie in LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER and 2004 in King Arthur alongside Clive Owen and Keira Knightley.


The romantic comedy Barefoot (2005) is the first film in which Schweiger serves as writer, director and producer, and also plays the leading role. With the new production company Barefoot Films followed in 2007 with KEINOHRHASEN his greatest theatrical success: 6.3 million viewers watched the movie in which Schweiger was the first time with his four children, Valentine, Luna, Lilli and Emma in front of the camera.

In between, he starred in Quentin Tarantino's INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS alongside Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz and Michael Fassbender. 2009 was followed again A movie: ZWEIOHRKÜKEN, a continuation of KEINOHRHASEN, reached 4.2 million viewers, the following year surpassed by Kokowääh with 4.3 million viewers, in which he stars alongside his youngest daughter Emma.

In his new film SCHUTZENGEL Schweiger acts again as a screenwriter, director, producer and actor, this time on the side of his oldest daughter Luna. The film tells the story of a former soldier who guarded the only witness of a crime, now the two are on the run. Til Schweiger and Luna play about Moritz Bleibtreu, Heiner Lauterbach and Hannah Herzsprung. From 27 September, the film runs in the regular theaters.

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