Konstantin Kuchev - music artist


Konstantin what is your aim in music?

My aim is to create alive music that will reach the listener in as direct way as possible. Most of my music is composed here and now, in the present moment. My concerts are based on participation with the audience, so they can take part in the creative process themselves. During a performance, my purpose is to discover and develop a new and more flexible musical language. I have played in front of audience of all ages in concert halls and theatres, but also in homes for orphan children and nursing homes in Bulgaria. I think music is for everyone.

What is important for you, and tell us something about young talent Andjela Ninkovic?

What’s most exciting for me is to create music together with persons who have a strong passion for expressing their inner world and meeting it with the worlds of others. A special guest for my next concert will be the young Andjela Ninkovic, who is amazingly talented singer and improviser. We met at the “Golden Sparkles” contest for new children songs in Varna, where I presented one of my compositions and also did an improvised concert. While travelling in the bus to our hotel, we immediately started singing and improvising together. Then we continued singing on the dinner table. Other kids joined too, singing and drawing pictures of different animals around us. We didn’t stop until late at night and went on the next morning... When your souls are tuned to one another, it’s as if another dimension opens up above you. And it’s not just about collaborating with other musicians, but with people from all kinds of fields. Music is a universal language that can meet you with your kindred spirits.

About Konstantin Kuchev

Konstantin Kuchev is a singer, violin and guitar player. At 2014 he finished a four-year Bachelor’s degree program on Pop and Jazz Singing at the Bulgarian national musical academy “Prof. Pantcho Vladigerov”. He has worked in the Bulgarian national radio as a host of the show “Night Crew”, in which he invited musicians to improvise live music. He has composed music for numerous theatre performances in “Sofia” theatre, Sofia Youth theatre and Alma-Alter theatre laboratory. As an actor and musician he has performed on international theatre festivals in Egypt, Tunisia, Poland, Czech Republic and Greece. He is currently doing improvised concerts for children and adults - “A Walk on the Moon” and composing music for theatre and TV shows.

Article by Vladana Veljkovic
Photocredit@Ivaylo Petrov
October 6th 2015. Zurich