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Pufnica the guest of the month: Marina Đarmati

Posted by admin on February 26, 2017


Thorough in all, dedicated and always in search of new challenges. On the one hand, a young artist whose limitless energy stands behind a many of photos and on the other hand, love towards writing that emanates from her every line. Meet this lady from Karlovac (Croatia) who does her job with a tangible passion, while going through life with a smile situated in a cloud of gorgeous curls. Today is her special day – she is celebrating a birthday – she is Marina Đarmati.

You´ve started with a fashion – lifestyle blog then tried yourself out in photography and finally connected both professions. Now you´re cooperating with domestic and foreign portals and you can brag with a fact that you are the editor of a regional Adria Daily Magazine. Having passed whole way, how different is blogging from journalism?

It's different because it´s completely subjective, biased and informal, while a classical medium primarily has to be objective and formal. Anyone can be a blogger because it is like writing a personal diary. You design your logo, create your content and communicate with your audience, so it´s all up to you. When you work for portals, then there´s no room for mistakes, there´s a deadline and your freedom of choosing the subject is limited by the editors vision. Bloggers make progress from one day to another because the technology is improving too, as well as their knowledge and perspective, so at one point – the border of passing from blogging to journalism becomes very thin. However, I would say for myself that I am somewhere in between of a blogger and a journalist. I wanted to keep in continuation of my work a "warmer" approach to forming articles while respecting the publishment terms of a portal. And one more thing, bloggers mostly perceive their activity as a hobby and that´s why they´re closer to their audience.

When summing all up, how would you describe these five years blogging – journalistic work?

It started as a hobby, became my love and finally, turned into a job. It´s been a tough and dynamic journey but wouldn´t change the experience for anything in the world because it´s made me not only the businesswoman but also the person I am today. The mistakes from the past are future wisdom. I have dared to dream, wait, fall, rise, hope and learn a big life lesson – whenever a door closes, a new door opens.

What are the obstacles you run into in your job?

I think most jobs have the same challenges – not to get into a routine, try to avoid copy – paste methods, not to forget your priorities or starting enthusiasm, energy and excitement. Comparing to others can become a serious obstacle, instead of a motivation. Try to be a bit better every day, build your own happiness referring to yourself and you will become a leader. Every growth hurts, but the virtue of a man lies in the adjustment, the attitude and the patience.

When we do what we love, we usually get recognized for it. What do you consider your greatest career success and what do you aspire to?

There is really no better feeling than be doing what you love and investing in yourself. Writing and photography require a lot of time, effort, creativity, research, sacrifice, but it also allows you to change the world you live in for the better. My main focus is quality, that´s why I don´t set quantitative goals, I just get into it and make the best I can. I´m proud of all my achievements but can mention the latest ones that have made me so happy – a contribution to December edition of Plezir Magazine and the photos that were appeared as part of an informative RTL emission. I aspire to continue to do activities that make me fulfill in a pleasant atmosphere, while I learn and find a balance between my private and professional life.

Can you tell us the true basis of your inspiration?

Indeed, people are my best inspiration, the more you know, it's richer. I love meeting new people and to have the opportunity to "peek" into their creative corner.I am so honored when I am able to share other's inspirational stories, give support or capture with lens a cheerful moment. Positive feedback and gratitude of my interlocutors/models are the reason to be even more successful.

How do you relax and use the free time for?

To be honest, I´m always working - a classic workaholic. If I´m not working, I´m thinking about what I could do. (laugh) There´s plenty ideas in my head, that´s why I always carry organizers and textbooks with me. Not so long ago, I received a lovely and unique handmade RokoLei planner from Dražena Pušić Bošković which is my absolute number one! In the winter time, I enjoy relaxing with a good book, a movie or serial, a cup of tea and some scented candles my precious brand Whisper of Nature. The literature that is often on my repertoire is "Life can be beautiful" by Ivana Grabar, a famous columnist and writer, but also privately a versatile and charismatic person.

Being in the center of fashion and beauty trends, what are your favorites for the upcoming spring?

Nowadays trends are crossing from season to season and with minimal changes, we are ready for all fashion combinations. Floral prints and frills are a fashion statement which I adore. Many designers in their collections for the upcoming season presented clothes with interesting slogans. That it's something that I vote for it.A flashback to the 80s, cut off shoulders, puff sleeves, glitter, from materials, luxurious velvet and from the colors metallic ones have my blessing as well. The same goes for beauty trends – glitter and metallic on nails!

Which accessory is more important to you – a bag or a piece of jewelry?

A bag, definitely. Where would I put a bunch of (un)necessary things without it?! (laugh)

What can be found in your makeup bag?

Lipstick, mascara and a solid foundation are my must have from decorative cosmetics. From preparative cosmetics hand moisturizer, lip balm and of course perfume.

Maybe you would like to say something else that we haven’t asked you or end this interview?

Thank you for the opportunity to make this interview come to life in this form. Thanks to you, this will be a birthday to remember, treasure in my heart and in the book of my memories.

Dear Marina, we wish you a heart full of joyand a sky full of stars that you always show the right path. Happy Birthday!


Cover photo: Denis Stošić

Tunic: Anita Pokrivač Design

Necklace: Handmade with love by VR


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