Driving Dreams by Daniel Tomicic and Gianluca Migliarotti

Help to Danijel Tomicic and Gianluca Migliarotti to make "DrivingDreams" come true!
Car is the most emotional, the most recognizable and the most complex product of them all. For generations people are dreaming about cars, working their asses off to buy a super-car they saw only on the internet. Supercars and luxury brands have army of devotees who never drove objects of their desire. People dream about speed, control and power but their dreams are based on assumptions based on design. Almost everything we know about cars, we conclude unconsciously from its silhouette, face, details... Isn't than strange that people who shaped our dreams through design stays virtually unknown? We think it is and we’re changing that. We spoke with some of the best automotive designers of all time and recorded their story. We included engineers who are turning designers ideas into reality. We spoke with craftsmen who created cars by hands and we also spoke with passionate owners, the petrol-heads. We focused on the second golden age of cars, 1950-70 and spoke with top stars of the past who never received right credit for their work. Help us to finish the project and record all of them before it is too late.


So far, we've recorded people and cars only at two events in Milan surrounding, Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este and Coppa Intereuropa. To finish the project, we need to make trips, with whole team to, Turin - world capital of car design, Emilia Romagna - the land of engines and several traditional coach-builders (carrozzeria) that still exist in Milan. When material is ready, cutting and editing process follows with many sleepless nights spent in studio during post-production.

The Impact
We feel that this subject desires top quality production for which, we need your backing. Gianluca Migliarotti (Kid Dandy) is a prize winning movie director specialized for documentaries on Italian craftsmanship. Daniel Tomičić (Scuderia Zagreb) is petrol-head art historian and organizer of the largest automotive design conference in Europe. We know who to record, what to ask and how to make superb movie. If you help us, we’ll create together the best movie on automotive design ever! Just take a look at Kid Dandy’s documentary O’mast on mastery of Neapolitan tailor-making and imagine it’s on cars: O'mast trailer

Help to Danijel Tomicic and Gianluca Migliarotti to make "DrivingDreams" come true. Visit this Indiegogo page  snd facebook page DrivingDreams for more information and contribution. 

For Pufnica Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine: Vladana S. Veljkovic

July 2014.